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Pride is a Protest on 25 June 2022

Every June, we celebrate LGBTQ+ identity through Pride Month. While COVID-19 might have led to the cancellation of major pride events, it has not paused the struggle which LGBTQ+ individuals face on a daily basis. If anything, evidence shows how detrimental the pandemic has been to the movement globally. 

The theme this year is Queer Liberation, to show the world that we deserve freedom, wherever we are! We will gather at 15:00 at the Vrijthof. There, we will talk about why Pride is still necessary. After that, we will march and parade through the centre and Wyck, to end at the Griend. There, we will have space for a picnic and there will be some live music and DJs. So come and join us and help making this a lovely day!

With Hungary voting to strip transgender people of their right to legally change gender, with South Korea's LGBTQ+ community facing backlash due to unfairly being accused of spreading the COVID-19 virus, Russia's set of constitutional amendments, one of which would add language defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman to Russia's basic law and many more examples. Even in the Netherlands, recent events, such as the harassment of a non-binary child in Amstelveen, have shown that LGBTQ+ acceptance is the exception, not the rule, and should not be taken for granted. Even in the Netherlands, there are still no less than 15 gay conversion therapists active, causing traumas and feelings of unacceptence with queer children. 

The roots of Pride lay in protest, originating with the Stonewall Riots, 53 years ago. Though we aim to celebrate LGBTQ+ identity, during corona times it is difficult to express that with a Pride. However, we still need to fight for LGBTQI+ acceptance in the Netherlands and worldwide. We therefore invite you to join our protest, because now may not be the time to party, but we still need to stand up for our rights!

Join us on the 25th of June, 15:00, at the Vrijthof. We will then march through the centre and Wyck towards the Griend! 

-There will be a crowd management team, closely monitoring the protest. Please follow their instructions. Not following their directions could be detrimental to the cause of the protest. 
-This protest will be organised by experienced local activists, in compliance with regulations set by the municipality. 

Bring your flags, signs and enthusiasm and stand up for your and your fellow queers' rights! 🏳 <200d>🌈

As a response to transphobic adverts in Maastricht, a counter-activist group created Gendertwijfels, a website with information for transgender youth in the Netherlands. We wholeheartedly support this initiative!