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Letter to the municipal council

Have you heard? Not a week after the Pride had passed by and a Pride exhibition at the Stationsstraat was vandalised. Sadly, this seems like a pattern in Maastricht, where our posters were covered with stickers from far-right political party Forum for Democracy, and a local gay bar had their windows smashed. To address this, we wrote the following letter (in Dutch) to the members of the municipal council.

Once again, it was amazing!

No Pride Maastricht was ever so big! 1000 people have marched from the Vrijthof to the Griend, thank you all so much!

Pride in the picture!

There was press and there were hobbyist photographers at Pride. Have you seen them? Maybe they've seen you too! Here's what we could find.

Queer Art Club at Pride

This year's pride will have an artsy bonus on the side! Pride Maastricht & Queer Art Club Maastricht are joining forces!

Pride is a Protest on 25 June 2022

Every June, we celebrate LGBTQ+ identity through Pride Month. While COVID-19 might have led to the cancellation of major pride events, it has not paused the struggle which LGBTQ+ individuals face on a daily basis. If anything, evidence shows how detrimental the pandemic has been to the movement globally. 

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